Architectural Review

What is the $30.00 ARC application fee used for?
The $30.00 application fee is used to cover administrative costs. This includes the processing of applications, letters to the applicant and the inspection of the completed project.
Does Suntree allow flags?
A maximum of two flags may be displayed at each residence in Suntree. A homeowner may display in a respectful manner one official (current) United States flag, not larger than 4.5 feet by 6 feet, and may additionally display one official flag of the State of Florida or the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, or a POW-MIA flag. Such additional flag must be equal in size to or smaller than the United States flag. The requirement to display a flag in a respectful manner includes displaying the flag in accordance with its flag protocol, if one exists (such as the US flag).

As one of the two flags allowed, a homeowner may display a flag of a sports team, whether professional, college, high school, or other local amateur team. Sports team flags shall not be displayed on a mailbox.

Does Suntree allow sheds?
Separate storage buildings, utility sheds, greenhouses and other similar structures are not permitted unless they are made an integral part of the architectural design of the main structure.
What are the requirements for flag poles?
A permanent vertical flagpole with a maximum height of 25 feet is allowed. In accordance with Florida Statutes, a permanent flag pole cannot be placed in an easement. A permanent or temporary sloping flagpole with a maximum length of 6 feet may be affixed to the mailbox post or house. If affixed to a mailbox, it shall not be placed so as to hang across a sidewalk or the travel right-of-way of the street, or otherwise impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic on common walkways or streets.

Covenant Enforcement

My neighbor has a covenant violation. What can I do about it?

We recommend first discussing the violation with your neighbor in a respectful and constructive manner. If they fail to take corrective action, you can report a violatioin.

How do I apply for a covenant enforcement extension?
Covenant enforcement extension requests can be submitted to ccr@suntreeflorida.com or by calling the office at 321-242-8960.


I'm going out of town. Can someone keep an eye on my house for me?

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office offers a vacation house watch.


How do I get a space in the storage area?

Call the SMHA office at 321-242-8960 or complete the wait list form.

Who can fish in the SMHA lakes?
Fishing in our lakes is restricted to Suntree homeowners and their guests.

Association Dues and Other Payments

What does my annual assessment pay for?
Your assessment is the reason you live in Suntree. Your pocket change keeps Suntree beautiful. Just a few cents per day pays for the maintenance of the parks/playgrounds, basketball, bocce ball, tennis/pickleball courts, little league/
soccer fields, common areas (mowing, edging and trimming), entrance signs/flowers, covenant and ARC enforcement and special events.
Can I pay with cash?
SMHA does not accept cash payments. We offer several convient payment options.

Payment by Check: Please make checks payable to “Suntree Master Homeowners Association, Inc.” and deliver in-person or by mail to 7550 Spyglass Hill Rd. A drop box is available outside the front door, in case you are not able to visit us during our normal operating hours.

Online Payment: We accept online payments for annual association dues and certain other obligations by payment card or eCheck.