Architectual Review

Most changes that affect the exterior appearance of your home will require the approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This committee reviews proposed changes to help ensure that they comply with our covenants and Architectural Review Criteria and that standards of design quality are maintained. This process protects and enhances Suntree’s overall environment.

The ARC is empowered to provide design review and to establish policies, standards and guidelines which are subject to review and approval by our board.

The following is a list of changes that do not require ARC approval.

  • Flowers, foliage and bushes (hedges must be submitted)
  • Planting new trees
  • Exterior lighting (carriage, security or landscaping lights)
  • Lawn furniture and lawn ornaments
  • Basketball goals that are non-permanent and comply with certain criteria
  • Curbing (bordering materials generally used in landscaping)
  • Tiling an existing screened porch, patio or covered entryway
  • Non-reflective solar film on the interior of windows

If you are uncertain whether a proposed change requires ARC approval, please call the office at 321-242-8960. Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you.

Standard ARC Request

Use this form for all non-pool requests, including exterior home repainting, roof replacement, fences, mailboxes and more.

All exterior home painting must use SMHA approved colors. Even though these colors are pre-approved, you must still submit an application with your selection of colors.

Pool Request

Use this form for all pool related requests.